Adventures Oriental: The Land of the Jade Throne

Nanban Awash Ashore Toranga's Domain
Strangers in a Strange Land

The Brandobians have been expanding their trade routes for years, finding islands with rare spices and exotic animals that have made her captains and her treasury rich. Ever farther these traders venture out looking for unclaimed lands, for new peoples to enslave, and new wealth to take. You were on such a vessel. Your captain was less than pious, he didn’t make the proper gifts to the Lords of Sea and Storm. Your vessel was caught in a storm that lasted days and nights, men and women were thrown overboard, no one knew if it was day or night the storm was so ferocious. The mast and sails were lost the first day, many oars last in the ones that followed. The entire ship eventually crashed into an outcropping of rock or corral. You do not know which, only that it sliced fellow passengers to thin ribbons. Naturally, that’s when the sharks came, smelling the blood. Those sharks feasted like kings for days on people whom had been friends and foes. Luckily, there were parts of the boat that survived. Without fresh water you went delirious. You’re not sure how much more time passed, until you hazily awoke, as in a fever dream on a distant shore. A man stands before you, his head horned and his face a demon wearing armor the likes of which you have never seen before, you black out again. Once more you awaken, this time in a strange white room, the walls slightly translucent, the floor woven from reeds, and little furniture about. A wall, like all the others, startles you as it slides open and the demon-faced man enters the room.

The “demon” turned out to be a man in a suit of armor made from the hide of a demon. The members were marched to a separate holding area before being interrogated by a man demanding what their purpose was.


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