Character Creation

Generating a Character in Oriental Adventures

Step 1: Come up with a Concept

Step 2: Determine Ability Scores (Point Buy)

This game will use the generous RPGA standard of 26 point buy. All scores start at 8. The following table explains how many points are needed to buy an ability score rating of a certain amount. Please not that if you spread your points evenly you would have a 12 in five stats, and a 14 in one, meaning that you would be above average at all things.

Step 3: Pick Your Clan (Only Humans Allowed)

For the purposes of these introductory adventures in the Lands of the Jade Throne, only human player characters will be allowed. As new races are introduced during sessions, and people grow more accustomed to them, more races will be allowed for selection in LATER campaigns. The world of Oriental Adventures is very different from regular D&D and many of you would not have likely heard of several of the creatures that you will meet along your way. As for selecting clans, each clan teaches it’s members a certain skill that becomes a class skill for that character at all times, no matter what their actual class is. This is represented by a sort of “basic training” in a discipline. You do not have to put skill points into that skill, though it is encouraged. Different clans also have different favored classes, and each clan has a special “ancestor” feat that only members of that clan can take. Moreover, being from one clan or another will change your reputation and status among other clans. Some are allied and others are deadly foes. For the purposes of your character sheet UnTouchable, Foreignor, and Ronin are all “clans” as they give various extra class skills, feat options, and favorite classes. This is not to say that a clan and a class must go together, merely that it is what is most trained by that group. The Lion Clan has Shugenjas just as the Pheonix Clan has Samurai, it is merely that the other clan is more famous (and better at training) that class.

Step 4: Pick Your Class & Caste

The different society, worship schema, and culture of the orient means that there are some new classes allowed and some old ones that are now forbidden to anyone but foreigners. Remember that your caste and class are not the same thing, but are definately related. For example, to be a Samurai Class, you had to have been born into the Samurai caste.

The classes allowed in the campaign are as follows: Barbarian, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ninja, Ranger, Rogue, Samurai, Scout, Shugenja, Sohei, Sorcerer, Swashbuckler, and Wu Jen.

Step 5: Select Skills and Feats

Step 6: Buy Equipment

Step 7: Finishing Details

Character Creation

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